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ADAM/ColecoVision News

 (Last updated: 1/30/19 - 5 p.m.)

 Pre-sale for new CollectorVision Phoenix ColecoVision compatible system has started - CollectorVision has started pre-sales for its new ColecoVision compatible console called Phoenix.

    For more information, pre-sales, and details on the system check out the web page HERE.

   CollectorVision hopes to have the system ready to ship by June 2019 at a cost of $199 for the Basic Unit.

    Other configurations will also be available at various prices.

    In addition to playing ColecoVision games, the Phoenix will have the ability to play Atari 2600 games and other system cores can be added later. A core for the ADAM computer is also being developed.


 New Virtual Disk Drive - A new Virtual Disk Drive is now available for ADAM. This long-needed piece of hardware is by MicroFox and costs $130 plus shipping. It is available from the ADAM News Network. For more information go HERE.


 Got Missing Software? I'm looking for ADAM software, programs and games of all kinds either as disk images for ADAMem/Virtual ADAM or on real ADAM disks. If you've got anything you'd like to share or trade (or perhaps sell to me cheap!!!), please email me HERE.  Go HERE for a list of what I am looking for.


NIAD One of the longest lasting and best newsletters produced for the ADAM is now online in PDF format. Every issue from January 1985 through March/April 1994 can be found by clicking right here: Other Newsletters. There is also an ever-growing number of other miscellaneous newsletters that can be found there.


***Virtual ADAM*** Steve Pitman (author of games for the ADAM such as Ghost Zapper and ADAM Bomb) has written a new front end for use with the ADAMem emulator. "It's a Windows graphical front-end for ADAMem that is built around DosBox. It's written in Visual Basic and makes it a great way to run ADAMem in Windows XP without any problems (like the audio), it should work in Vista also. You can run ADAMem either fullscreen or in a window. You can change ADAM peripherals, insert disks and tapes into the drives, edit disks and tapes with a decimal editor. It can separate by CP/M, EOS, Bootable, Non-Bootable, Cartridge, etc... It supports long filenames, when you highlight a title it displays notes, screenshots, a catalog of the file in the image, you can then click on the file name to open it in Windows, etc..." The latest version is available here: ADAM Downloads.

 If you should happen to find any mistakes in the online editions of ECN, please notify me at the email address above. While I've tried to be careful, errors occasionally creep in, especially on the program listings where it was hard to tell "i" from "l" and "0" from "O", etc.

   NOTE: I've gone back through all the ECNs and converted them to a format that is suitable to PDF, cleaning up some mistakes, and adding back in some of the ads and material that were originally left out. You can find the PDFs in the OTHER NEWSLETTERS section. I plan on leaving the HTML issues here, as well, but they still need a little cleaning up here and there, as well. It literally took me about 10 years to complete these newsletters and I started with just a text editor and limited knowledge of HTML. Now I'm using Front Page which makes things a heck of a lot easier with formatting and a spell checker.  As always, please remember, these electronic reprints are for information purposes only - do not write or respond to ads, addresses, phone numbers or email contained within the issues of ECN - they are from 1984-88 and in most cases are no longer valid!!!
   Basic/Logo Programs - There are a number of SmartBASIC and Logo programs listed in the above issues of ECN. Unfortunately, there are - or were - a lot of errors in these programs. This is partly due to original mistakes in ECN and partly due to the poor quality reproduction of some issues. We've done our best to make corrections, but in some cases - the programs just don't work correctly.  If anyone has working versions of some of these programs or corrected program listings - please email us a copy!

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